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Quality Products

To ensure the highest quality, Synced Smiles products are manufactured and sourced in the USA where available. We strive to ensure that we provide products with peace of mind.  

American made and sourced products also ensure that we contribute to our local and national economies. 



manufacture 15

Tufts of DuPont™ Tynex® Bristles are driven into the brush holes and each is secured with a nickel silver staple.  You can see each bristle bundle being inserted and secured.

manufacture 13

Next, the bristled are trimmed flat for optimum contact with teeth and gums.

manufacture 9

The ends are then introduced to sanding disks, the first four of increasingly ground sapphire.  The last four of ultra-fine ceramic grit.

manufacture 5

This leaves each bristle end with a smooth rounded top. It’s the single most important step in brush making because round polished nylon bristles offer the most protection and most effective cleaning for tooth enamel and gums.

manufacture 2

It’s not easy to see with the naked eye, but take this common brand name toothbrush on the left for example and see it under high magnification and compare it to this – the high polished bristles of a Synced Smiles toothbrush.


After polishing a deionizer removes any electrical charge from the toothbrush so that inside this chamber any residual dust from polishing will be blown off and vacuumed away.

manufacture 10

Out from the chamber come finished Synced Smiles toothbrushes, the finest made toothbrushes in the USA.

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