4 AU NATUREL™ Toothbrush - 40 Toothbrushes Donated and 4 Trees Planted

$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
40 Toothbrushes Donation Destination
4 Trees Planted Location
  • Made with soft bristles high quality nylon, which are designed to clean as effectively as any manual toothbrush out there.  The soft nylon is easy on your gums.

    The handle is water resistant and has a perfect grip for all types of hands - no splinter guarantee.

    The high quality Au Naturel™ is made with a bamboo handle and comes in 100% recycled biodegradable cardboard packaging.  The Au Naturel™ is 6.9" long.

Balboa at La Playa, San Francisco, CA 94121

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