A Toothbrush for Every Age

Infants, Kids, Preteens, Teens, and Adults

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Infants through Teens


Adult Sized


Biodegradable and Electric


Ages 0 to 2 years - Infants and Toddlers

The BABA™ is designed as a toothbrush and teething ring in one with extra-soft bristles for delicate teeth and gums. A ring handle provides easy control and prevents over insertion. The BABA™ is made in the USA.



Ages 2 to 5 years - Young Kids

This TOTS™ high quality toothbrush comes with a large ergonomic handle with soft rubber finger grips and is 5.5" long. This purchase provides a learning opportunity for your child to give back, making giving a family effort.



Ages 6 to 10 years - Kids

Made in the USA, high quality TYKES™ come with soft, colored coordinated bristles surrounded by extra-soft white bristles. At 6.5 inches long, a textured thumb grip along with finger grips on the back make for excellent grip and control.



Ages 10 to 13 - Preteen

Perfect for preteens through teens, this TWEEN™ toothbrush is made in the USA, and has a compact oval head with soft bristles surrounded by extra soft bristles. The handle is ergonomically designed, with bright colored rubber grips.



Ages 13 years and up - Teen

Great for teens, this BOPPER™ toothbrush has a compact oval shaped head with soft bristles. This toothbrush is 7" long and comes with a large handle and rubber grip to ensure cleaning control. Recommended for teens.



Adult Toothbrush

This high quality CLEAR™ toothbrush features a clear handle with a rubber gripped thumb slot. The oval shaped head has soft bristles surrounded by extra-soft bristles. This compact head toothbrush is made in the USA with DuPont™ Tynex® Bristles.



Adult Toothbrush

These high quality CLASSIC™ toothbrushes have soft bristles for gentle effective cleaning. A large handle with comfortable rubber gripping ensuring cleaning control.  A built-in tongue scraper is conveniently located on the back of the toothbrush head.



Suitable for Teens and Adults

Made with soft bristles high quality nylon, which are designed to clean as effectively as any manual toothbrush out there.  The soft nylon is easy on your gums.

The handle is water resistant and has a perfect grip for all types of hands - no splinter guarantee.

The high quality Au Naturel™ is made with a bamboo handle and comes in 100% recycled biodegradable cardboard packaging.  The Au Naturel™ is 6.9" long.